Crimson Amaro


Spirit Details

Highly aromatic, intriguingly complex and undeniably red, our Crimson Amaro is an herbaceous spirit inspired by traditional Italian amari.  Created in our distillery in Long Eddy, NY. A base of our Pollinator Vodka is infused with a secret blend of more than 15 botanicals, among them juniper, wormwood, sage, angelica, gentian, and orris root. Naturally colored with cochineal.  Minimally filtered to achieve greater intensity but smooth the edges with our own raw honey. The result is a beautifully balanced bittersweet tonic that can be enjoyed over ice or mixed into cocktails, from a Spritz to a Negroni.

All Buzz, No Sting.

Herbaceous spirit naturally colored with cochineal!

Made in small batches. Limited quantity available.